We Create. We Commit. We Perform


We marry unique concepts with refined designs. The whole team exerts maximum effort into the creative process as we draw inspiration from our clients' stories and interests. We give unrivaled attention to all our clients and treat them equally with respect and honesty. The art of creation begins the moment we organize and bring novel ideas to the table.


The truth is, it doesn't start and end with breathtaking creations. We commit to providing a world-class service while taking note of your personal choices and requirements. With meticulous consultations, personal meetings, and careful execution, a high level of commitment is an integral part of our company's values.


Creation and commitment will not be complete without a robust execution. We celebrate the importance of fulfilling our promise timely, efficiently, and seamlessly. We thrive on challenges and polish our craft continuously.


The Lazaro Effect

The Lazaro Effect is a descriptive term, a moniker synonymous with the signature Randy Lazaro’s design. It solidified the brand’s foray into the field of event styling. From family affairs to small fetes and later on to grand weddings, the name has spread like wildfire.

By the end of 2018, the label has become one of the Philippines’ leading event styling houses specializing in classic aesthetics that also accentuate each contemporaneous detail. Just as he emphasizes the overall setting, he pores over all facets of the design.
Randy Lazaro seeks to transport people into a multisensory experience and reverie, where each person who will grace the celebration will feel the tangible realization of their dreams and musings. Moreover, the Lazaro Effect's insignia wants to go beyond the company's expertise in event production.
As Randy Lazaro and our team provide an exquisite design with artisanal splendor, we also promise superb customer service and efficient execution from start to finish mixing innovation and professionalism.

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