We design thoughtfully curated wedding

Known for his sophisticated, sleek lines coagulated with beautiful textures and groundbreaking approach, it is no surprise that weddings have become Randy Lazaro’s niche in the event industry.

Gone are the days of designs as mere decoration or an afterthought. As event styling takes center stage at weddings, we, at Randy Lazaro’s team, continually push the envelope and exceed expectations.

Rupert and Christmas

Elegance brought out softly is a breath of fresh air. The soul of Rupert and Christmas’s wedding banquet is to subtly bring out infinity through the simplest yet most sophisticated event curation.

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Thea and Ash

Inspired by the film, What Dreams May Come, Ash and Thea’s wedding features an ethereal, heaven-like aesthetic infused with vivid hues of fiery orange, scarlet red, deep blues, and gilded accents.

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Tim and Anna

This timeless fete at City of Dreams Manila defined Tim and Anna’s celebration spellbound as the garden of bright colors was under romance’s blissful and captivating enchantment. While fresh foliages conquered the ceiling and radiant flowers stood ground, the couple floated in the midst of it all- glowing, charming, and bedazzling.

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Vince & Allyssa​

The friendship I have had in my heart for you has ripened into a deeper feeling, a feeling more beautiful, more pure, more sacred.​

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