Dennis and Danica

Even with the sprouting wedding innovations, it is still undeniable that white weddings are eternal. It can stand on its own, enhanced, or twisted a bit. The industry as a topping is one thing, but our styling as the main ingredient is what gives a sensational touch to it – one that is remarkably endearing. Dennis and Dannica’s classy, raffinée, and spectacular wedding is la prevue to that.

Highlighting the divine mingling of blush and white, and crystal and gold, this regale birthed an immortal wonder with its oversized pale foliages, crystals spread from candelabras to chandeliers, and fresh white flowers that illumined a perpetual ardor.

Bubbles of flowers with golden torsos accentuated the banquet, and candles that stood sophisticatedly above them pleasantly enveloped the climate with warmth and affinity.

Visitants were immersed in a picturesque vision of delicate cascading flowers, gallant installations floating with spruce, and subtle hints of binding pink and blush. The floral carpet embraced the ground soulfully and yet did not deny the graceful center to be the focal point of illumination and reflection.

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