Thea and Ash

Inspired by the whimsical scenes in the 1998 fantasy drama film, What Dreams May Come, Ash and Thea’s wedding concept stemmed from the curation of the event planning outfit La Belle Fete, which is known for their expertise of piercing spectacular ideas together. Featuring an ethereal, heaven-like aesthetic infused with vivid hues of fiery orange, scarlet red, deep blues, and gilded accents, the setting is reminiscent of an idyllic paradise sprinkled with intricate details.

Guests were swathed in a lavish and visually luxurious landscape of embracing golden die-cut installations, resembling enormous clusters of clouds. These structures were dangled from above to produce a dramatic sky over the surreal landscape.

Oversized foliages and gargantuan delicate silk blooms throughout the space added to the fantasy, with a vast glass dance floor amplifying whimsy through reflection. The acrylic glass flooring created a grand illusion of walking on magical flowers as it housed colorful blooms underneath. The gleaming tall candelabras were positioned at different angles to mimic towering pillars.

Further intensifying the bright rays of light that peek through the installations, the lighting plays a crucial role in magnifying the mysterious background. Add the visual effects and fog, and the whole place was a vision. We did not only design an event; we created a memorable experience.

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