Tim and Anna

This timeless fete at City of Dreams Manila defined Tim and Anna’s celebration spellbound as the garden of bright colors was under romance’s blissful and captivating enchantment. While fresh foliages conquered the ceiling and radiant flowers stood ground, the couple floated in the midst of it all- glowing, charming, and bedazzling.

Ditching the usual white and green tones is not an easy feat. Still, with our team’s distinct curated concepts that turn ideas into a whimsical reality, this wasn’t a dilemma. The use of sweet contrasts, blossoming flowers, and golden chandeliers with hanging crystals made the transformation entirely compelling, and it being beautiful is a complete understatement.

Further exemplifying the ensnaring aura of this mystical world, crystals and their sophistication sparkled whenever light struck. Candles floated like small stars with the goal of setting up a spotlight to feature this fantastic event. And boldly, this banquet detailed flowers and their avant-garde novelty when mixed with refined cutlery.

Doubtlessly, this event stunned hearts and earned praises. With our commitment to our clients, event places become worlds, and celebrations become a phenomenon.

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