Vlad and Honey

Showcasing affinity in its raw and infinite manner, Vlad and Honey’s wedding arrangement sprang from the vision of starry nights and lucent dreams.

This dreamy sight is transcendent of space and time as it featured what seemed like an endless night sky. As if not meaning to just give a single spectacle, the airspace appeared to be waves of a stunning sea as to add more charm.

Guests were bewildered as this astounding scenery espoused the bold colors of navy blue and burgundy flowers and dark greenery taking over this feast’s banquet. The luxurious gold cutlery and candelabras elated the fete, reflecting unapologetically the event’s sparkle.

To say that this event was an event of brightness was an understatement. Rather, this wonder was light itself in a dignified blanket of La Belle Fete’s curation and our resplendent manner of taking in ideas and breathing out luxurious designs.

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