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The strength of our goals lies in the beauty of our purpose. As we aim to create, commit, and perform, we always follow our passion for forging a formidable bond with our clients. We do not merely create their events; we form milestones. We build memories.

Randy Lazaro

managing director/stylist


Create the ultimate wedding celebration Our packages were designed to give couples the VIP treatment they will always remember.


Want a magical and memorable birthday? Make it fun and hassle-free with our package! It includes Thematic Styling.

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Are you planning to launch your brand? How about corporate party? Whatever the celebration, it’s our pleasure to assist you.

Featured Events

Ben and Caye

Ben and Caye’s wedding exquisitely encapsulates the visible character of different elements colliding as they intricately synthesize two worlds together: romance and industry.

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Gen and Jaycee

Illuminating winter’s wonder and its breathtaking splendor, Gen and Jaycee’s wedding depicted the revered soul the crisp white frost and its glazed atmosphere offers.

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Rupert and Christmas

Elegance brought out softly is a breath of fresh air. The soul of Rupert and Christmas’s wedding banquet is to subtly bring out infinity through the simplest yet most sophisticated event curation.

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Thea and Ash

Inspired by the film, What Dreams May Come, Ash and Thea’s wedding features an ethereal, heaven-like aesthetic infused with vivid hues of fiery orange, scarlet red, deep blues, and gilded accents.

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Vlad and Honey

Vlad and Honey’s wedding arrangement sprang from the vision of starry nights and lucent dreams. This dreamy sight is transcendent of space and time as it featured what seemed like an endless night sky.

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