Ben and Caye

Ben and Caye’s wedding exquisitely encapsulates the visible character of different elements colliding as they intricately synthesize two worlds together: romance and industry.

Time seemingly paused itself as the couple encompassed their wedding with the powerful gleam of love carefully built within the modern times. This vision, with Randy Lazaro’s distinctive touch, was curated with utmost attention to detail with the grail of putting forth an event that would indulge hearts with its warmth from its fiery setting.

Depicting tall modern buildings that exude radiance and vibrance, crowns of candles in clear glasses accentuated with gold and luster stood tall. They perfectly set an ambiance that is flaring yet comforting, delicately emphasizing bold details made within the raw and explicit venue of sophisticated metals, chair, and cutlery. Luminaires and cubic alloy hung above which created specks of life under a dark yonder. To top it all off, the fusion created with beds of pink, blue, and purple flowers lying elegantly on tables highlighted contrast as the strongest feature of this worldly transition.

Randy Lazaro Events and Lifestyle, true to its form, understands that weddings are intimate worlds that unfold in darkness and in light. Certainly, this event gave birth to a spark that is meant to illuminate more and more as time speeds by.

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