Rupert and Christmas

Elegance brought out softly is a breath of fresh air. The soul of Rupert and Christmas’s wedding banquet is to subtly bring out infinity through the simplest yet most sophisticated event curation. And like their tall white candelabras that exude an airy light of romance, this spirit stood tall— boldly, elegantly, and fearlessly.

The enveloping night in the ceiling was touched with wavy strings of stars. Their radiance was enough to capture the embodied love and symbolism of the light and dark contrast. Dried flowers hung above like vines endlessly crawling and creating a world of sweet ecstasy and wonder. With curls and curves, installations conquered and courageously gave birth to the chandelier’s crystallized appeal.

While the plafond emanated an air of deluxe, tables were swaddled with grace as the white tulips, roses, and orchids were highlighted evidently. Their heavenly effect accentuated the profound structure which uncovered in front of guests’ eyes. Indeed, we gave birth to an undeniably breathtaking event.

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